The stovetop's full of dishes cookin', who knows what ingredients are destined for which course in the upcoming plated dinner of future events to come. Ahem...that is, I and band have been working hard in different studios on different projects and songs and shall see what is ready to be shared when it's ready. Been working on mixing some live tracks with Gary Bula at Bani-Love studios at the Columbia City Theater and prepping now for a session next week at Colin Nelson's Her Car Studios in Fremont. And in-between tweaking/improving songs recorded elsewhere throughout the year and making all cohesive to serve up on eventual album {i.e. said multi-course dinner}

In the meantime, I'll be playing a stripped-down show at the Conor Byrne Pub on October 1th accompanied only by Charles Wicklander on organ and Tekla Waterfield on vocals. And our first full-band show since JUNE will be at the High Dive on Nov 23. Mark your calenders accordingly.

Until then, see you in the Sep sun, while it lasts...


Quiet for now on the live show front as me Allison Ken & Aimee continue the writing, arranging and recording process of making the next collection of songs. We've been at it now in earnest for about a year now with a three-month break in there while Aimee was out on tour. We're quite excited at how the songs have continued to evolve, shape and grow as we figure out both the way they want to sound and NEED to sound. I'm sure we'll be having some shows booked for Sep/Oct soon but in the meantime we're hopping around recording at various studios around town to make the best damn album we can. The songs are tough, funny and challenging in ways I've never been able to pull off before and as we venture deeper into the recording process, I'm using the knowledge learned from both past mistakes and previous triumphs to have recordings with no gap between what the songs mean and how they sound. Hope to have a taste to share very, very soon, 'til then...


Was happy to be a part of the new Plastic Jet Airline webcast on Sat night, run by our friends Matty.P & Charles Bork at Groove-o-Matic Studios. Allison was unfortunately out-of-town for the event so Charles Wicklander from The Dismal Tide filled in on keys and Tekla Jasmine Waterfield of the eponymous Tekla Jasmine Waterfield & the Sweet Nothings filled in on the backing vox.

You can view clips from the broadcast for "The Fireman (Angels 'Round the Throne)"

:or "Whatever's Left"


My contribution to Ball of Wax Vol 35. (Love Songs), released a few weeks back on Valentine's Day, was a one-off collaboration between myself, Seattle artist/writer Molly Mac and longtime-Harborrat Michael Spaly called "The Arena." Cheryl Waters on 90.3 KEXP was kind enough to play the cut last Friday on her morning show. Further requests for the song can be made here. Thanks Cheryl!


Hi, welcome to the first news post of the new web-design. I'll be chiming in 'round these parts to update on any rumblings or to defend unsubstantiated rumors. Stay tuned.