The Harborrats are the collective of mostly Seattle-based musicians Sam draws upon to collaborate with for The Blue Moon Bible recordings. The Teen Soul Explosion is the live band drawn from these players most frequently playing with Sam live.

For a long-winded recounting of band history, please visit The Story of The Harborrats

The Teen Soul Explosion:

Sam Russell-vocals/guitar, Allison Tulloss-vocals/keyboards
Aimee Zoe-drums/percussion/vocals, Ken Nottngham-bass, vocals

and the rest of The Harborrats.....

  Michael Spaly-vocals, fiddle, mandolin, guitar
   Dave Forrester-drums, percussion, mandolin, backing vocals
   Carey Rayburn-trumpet, harmonica, percussion
  Kate Noson-vocals, guitar, percussion
   Kjell Anderson-fiddle, backing vocals
  Scott Andrew-vocals, percussion

  James Apollo-vocals, piano, misc. keys, guitar, percussion
   Isaac Chirino-drums, percussion
   Shelby Earl-vocals
   Schuyler Jones-electric bass, backing vocals
  Sean Lambrecht-vocals, guitar, keyboards
  Justin Roeser-guitar, drums, percussion, vocals
  John Tomlinson-Hammond B-3, piano, accordion
  Nathan Wade-vocals, National guitar, percussion