The Teen Soul Explosion {above l to r}:
Ken Nottingham-bass/backing vocals, Aimee Zoe-drums/backing vocals,
Sam Russell-lead vocals/guitar, Allison Tulloss-keyboards/lead vocals

The Teen Soul Explosion is Sam's main 4-piece band that accompanies him live and helps bring the songs from his brain to your speakers.

Below are the rest of The Harborrats, Sam's overall mafia/posse of mostly-Seattle based musicians
.helping out and/or strongly contributing to the records and live shows
... Michael Spaly
vocals, fiddle, electric violin, guitar, mandolin

Kate Noson

Dave Forrester
drums, percussion, backing vocals

Sean Lambrecht
Harborrat co-founder, co-writer, guitar, vocals, keyboard

Carey Rayburn

Kjell Anderson

  Scott Andrew

James Apollo
vocals, piano, misc. keys, guitar, percussion

Schuyler Jones
electric bass

Isaac Chirino

Nathan Wade
vocals, guitar, musical saw

Clay Ballard
vocals, accordion

as well as...

Jefferson Allen-drums
Andrew Blakehall-keyboards
Joan Dirska-keyboards

Shelby Earl-vocals
Sean Fairchild-6-string bass
Russ Fuller-electric bass
Marc Hagar-keyboards
Toby Hanson-accordion
Mark Livingston-electric bass
Christopher Mulally-backing vocals
Doug Port-drums
Ian Rodney-guitar
Justin Roeser-guitar & percussion
John Simpson-cello
Noah Strom-piano, pump organ, accordion
John Tomlinson-Hammond B3 organ, piano, accordion

Carlos Tulloss-electric bass
Tekla Waterfield-vocals
Charles Wicklander-piano, organ
Andrea Yoshida-viola