"Let your faith –the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of that music which has yet to be heard– guide you. For Sam Russell is the light." Sean Jewell, American Standard Time

"Sam Russell is a performer an audience loves, and just about every musician is loath to follow." Bart Cameron, Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly

"As the rainy season reaches the Pacific Northwest, and I look for musical accompaniment for my late night reflection, my choice these days is (Sam Russell)." When You Motor Away...blog

"(Sam's) new single is poignant in its restraint and subtlety; the flip, a simple acoustic-guitar-strummed, perfectly harmonized duet with Kate Noson, is even lovelier." Erin K. Thompson, Seattle Weekly

"a Midwestern bizarro version of Springsteen’s Asbury Park circa “The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle.”......Like so many artists you gravitate toward, the river runs deep in Russell" Paddy FIneran, Kenosha News

"...gorgeous and haunting, the optimal soundtrack for a dark, rainy night when the chips are down." Mike Seely, Seattle Weekly

"As a vocalist he can deliver folk songs, soul songs and rockers....As a songwriter, he seems to have no genre boundaries, and has the ability to write songs that sound like classics from the first listen." When You Motor Away....blog

"more a garage-soul band more than anything, but they work in lots of other stuff. (Sam) has loads of stage presence and a strong voice. The guitarist (who also occasionally plays mandolin) lays down lots of really cool, off-kilter leads....Some cool back-and-forth time shifts in many of their songs that really pack a punch when they jump back into a raucous chorus" Don Slack, KEXP 90.3, Seattle

"It's easy to be icked out by the term "blue-eyed soul". It conjures images of middle-aged white dudes raping the soul of Sam Cooke and it's been applied to everyone from yacht-rocker Michael McDonald to the Off the Wall stylings of Justin Timberlake. But in the case of Sam Russell's Harborrats, whose past EP's have run the rootsy gamut between the Killer and the Boss, the term is apt." Ma'chell Duma LaVassar, Seattle Weekly

"the doo-wopping local boys in (Sam Russell with The Harborrats) defy rockabilly cliché and show promise with their unaffected take on blue-eyed soul and rock..."-Hannah Levin, ..The Stranger

"I was able to get down on their rockin' set. and by rock I mean ROCK. 4/4 time at it's best."-..NadaMucho.com